9 body signs when you are deficient in copper

 The food you eat affects your body in more ways than you think. There are certain nutritional deficiencies you might not be paying attention to. One such deficiency is copper. in here we will be discussing 9 signs that   your body has low copper levels.

# 1. You always tired 

 When you’re tired and weak,  your body is asking for more attention. This includes more copper in the diet. When you don’t have enough copper, you feel fatigued and weak every day. 

This is because copper is necessary for the absorption of iron in your gut. How? Let me explain. Your blood has a very important component called hemoglobin. It transports oxygen to each and every cell and tissue of the body. Iron is needed for the formation of hemoglobin.   So when you don’t have enough copper, iron absorption from the food in your gut suffers. This causes anemia. Your blood doesn’t have enough oxygen to carry to the tissues. And this makes you feel tired and devoid of energy all the time.

  Several studies have proven copper deficiency causes anemia. To fix it,  you need both copper and iron. There is one more reason for your tiredness caused by copper deficiency. Your body cells use copper to generate a particular type of energy. This is the main source of energy in your body. If you aren’t getting enough copper from your diet, the energy production falls. Eat more meats like liver, turkey, and beef to drive the fatigue away. They are rich sources of copper. Especially veal liver! Eggs are a good choice too. Make sure you eat the yolk, as it contains copper.

# 2. Poor Memory & Learning Problems

  Stress can make us forgetful. You might find yourself searching for your keys, phone or wallet. If it’s becoming increasingly harder to remember things, there is something up with your brain. And copper deficiency could be behind it. Copper directly impacts your brain’s development and functioning.

Your brain receives energy from enzymes that keep it healthy. These enzymes need copper to thrive. But that’s not all. These enzymes also protect your brain by strengthening its defense system. They help your brain send signals to your body. Experts have found strong links between deficiency of copper and   diseases like Alzheimer’s. It affects your ability to learn and remember.  

If kids are deficient in copper, it can stunt their brain development. You can eat more seafood, meat and eggs to meet your daily copper needs. But what if you’re a vegetarian? Some veggies are rich in copper. It’s time you focus more on yummy mushroom soup or kidney bean salad. Both are a good source of this nutrient.  Soybeans and radishes are another great option. One of the best way to cure copper deficiency is to drink Copper Chargerd Water

# 3. You get sick frequently

If you are getting sick frequently, It could be a copper deficiency messing with your health. Copper plays a very important  role in your immunity. Your body makes immune cells that fight off infections and foreign bodies. Copper is needed to make these immune cells. This means when you don’t have enough copper, your body cannot make enough immune cells. Since your immunity is now hurt, you fall sick easily.

  Research has found that when your body doesn’t have copper, the ability to produce white blood cells falls dramatically. The good news is you can reverse this easily by eating more copper-rich foods. All the  more reason to have tuna, salmon and sardines! They are loaded with copper. And of course, oysters. It is the richest source of copper among seafood

# 4. Weak bones

As you age, there is a higher chance of getting osteoporosis.  Your bones will get so brittle that they’ll break easily. Researchers have found strong evidence between copper deficiency and osteoporosis in old age. To make things clearer, a review on these studies was done. Everyone with osteoporosis has lower levels of copper in their body.

But Why is copper so crucial for your bones?
  The answer lies in their structure.Your bones have cross links inside that hold them together. This makes them stronger. But more copper is required to make the cross links. Bone tissue also needs copper. There are cells that strengthen and reshape them.   Copper boosts the production of these cells.

# 5. You fall easily  

  Have you ever felt really clumsy? Even with simple things like walking, or you fall down easily? Have you had problems with balancing and coordination?   You’ll be surprised to know how closely copper is linked to your ability to walk. Just like your brain, your spinal cord has enzymes. These enzymes keep your spinal cord healthy by insulating it, relaying signals between the body and the brain. This helps to strengthen it.

Guess what keeps these enzymes thriving? COPPER! When you don’t have enough copper in the body, these enzymes won’t work properly. This means reduced spinal cord insulation. This   impacts the relaying of signals between the body and the brain. You are able to walk because of these signals going back forth between your body and brain. Getting your copper count up is GREAT for your safe walking.

If you’re bored of eating copper rich seafood, meats and veggies, don’t sweat it. There are fruits you can eat. Make smoothies out of pineapple, blackberry and bananas. Lemon and guava are great too.

# 6. Pale skin 

   A lot of times we associate dull skin with poor skin care. But it actually has a deep relationship with the food you eat. If you have pale skin, you might be missing out on copper. But how? Well, the answer is with melanin. Your skin color is determined by the pigment  melanin. The more you have, the darker your skin is.

Experts say people with lighter skin have less melanin pigment than people with dark skin. And copper directly impacts the production of melanin. It is used by enzymes that make melanin. This means when you don’t have enough copper in your body, melanin production suffers. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is a good way to lighten your skin. Melanin is very important for healthy skin as it protects you from the sun’s UV rays. Its absence can cause skin cancer.

# 7. Premature Greying

   If copper can affect your skin color, it definitely can impact your hair as well. After all, the pigment that gives color to your skin is also responsible for your hair color. It doesn’t just have to do with age, you know. Copper deficiency can make your hair grey when you’re younger. Studies have found that people experiencing premature greying also had low levels of copper in their body. This is because the absence of copper negatively affected the production of melanin.

# 8. Poor vision 

   Copper deficiency can cause vision loss. You need  to address it in time because over the long term, it will lead to blindness. This is because copper is used by various enzymes involved in the healthy functioning of your nervous system. Your brain communicates with your sensory organs through signals. And these signals are carried back and forth by nerve impulses.
So when you don’t have enough copper, this communication between your brain and eyes gets affected, and will lead to vision loss.

# 9. Cold Sensitivity

  If your body feeling colder than usual. Do you think you’ve developed sensitivity to cold temperatures? This could be because your body isn’t getting enough copper. Your thyroid glands control your metabolism. It regulates heat production in your body. This means when you have low thyroid hormones, you feel cold a lot easier.

But what does this have to do with your copper intake?
Turns out your thyroid hormone levels are closely linked to copper levels. When you have less copper in your body,  the level of thyroid hormones also decreases. Nutrient deficiencies are no joke. I bet you want to learn more about them.