9 Reasons Why Drinking a Copper charged water might change your body

 Copper is an essential mineral for your body. In fact, it was the first metal to be worked by early humans. It’s usage dates back to the ancient civilizations in Egypt,   Greece and indus. It’s been incorporated into pretty much everything ever since, including household products and money. There have been several claims regarding  the usage of copper cups and bottles along with their health benefits. 

Storing drinking water in a copper vessel is said to boost your immunity and digestion,  Slows down ageing, Helps in weight loss, How much of this is true?  Here we are talking about drinking from a copper container will have a positive impact on your body.

What is Copper ? & Why it is Essential for your body ?

Copper is An Essential Nutrient. Copper is an essential mineral found in all living organisms and is considered to be vital for survival. The amount of copper found in your body is so small that it can fit on the head of a pin, but this tiny amount makes a huge difference. While it is found throughout the body, it is primarily concentrated around organs that helps in the metabolism like the heart, kidney, brain and liver. It's one of those minerals that is not naturally produced in your body. So you have to get it from the food you eat. 

The main functions of copper include:-

Maintaining brain health by   forming an antioxidant defense
- Keeping skin and tissues  
- Wound healing
- Promotes the growth of new  
  blood cells
- It’s also a necessary nutrient for metabolizing iron and keeping the elasticity of your lungs  healthy, and there’s a link between copper content and skin tone with the production of melanin.

Benefits of drinking Copper Charged Water.

1). Improve Digestion:

   Having troubles with digestion   lately? Looking to try out something new, yet traditional? Drinking from a copper vassal
could help you out in this case. The elements of copper work by quickening the digestion process and increasing metabolism. This allows your body to digest all your food quickly and efficiently. When you store water inside a copper vessel, it absorbs all the copper nutrients and minerals which help break down your food for proper absorption. Not just that! It is also an excellent resource for a full body detox. Along with indigestion, it solves stomach problems like infection and ulcers thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.
Improved digestion means better functioning of your liver and kidneys. Overall it is good news for your stomach.

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2). Helps your Weight Loss Goals:

  Losing weight is a long journey.   You need to eat right and get the right amount of exercise. Keeping yourself hydrated is the rule of thumb, but what if just drinking water is not working out for you?  Here is where the copper vassal  comes into play. Drinking water stored in copper vassal will help you to reach your ideal weight. Copper efficiently breaks down the stored body fat. This allows your body to retain only the material it requires to synthesize energy and gets rid of the rest. This doesn’t mean that you will have to swap all your cups and bottles with copper containers. Try to limit drinking copper infused water to twice a day, too much of anything is not good for you. 

3). Regulates Blood Pressure:
  Having high blood pressure requires you to make some major changes in your healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for an alternative route with definite results then making this simple addition will make a world of difference. Copper has been found to not only regulate hypertension and high blood pressure but also lowers cholesterol.  People who have suffered any heart related ailment are usually asked to go for copper supplements. By   helping regulate blood pressure, heart rate and mitigate bad cholesterol, drinking from a copper cup can be extremely beneficial.

4). Relieves Joint Pain And Arthritis: 

  For thousands of years copper infused water has been known to possess pain relieving properties   that help arthritis. Storing water in a copper bottle makes it ‘copper treated’ where tiny copper particles get infused into the water.
  How does this help in relieving your arthritis? Copper also has anti inflammatory properties that get rid of the pain in the joints, which is unbearable. It is advised to drink one cup of copper water early in the morning on an empty stomach for best results.

5). Inhibits Bacterial Growth: 

  You may have heard about medicines that can stop the growth of infection in the body but did you know that copper has natural antibiotic properties? Water stored in copper bottles for more than 8 hours is free of problematic microbes. It is an effective solution to fight against E.Coli, Cholera and other common water borne disease causing agents. Copper is one of the best ways of securing your immune system by fighting against bacterial  infections. Insufficient amounts of copper can up your risk of infection and illness. Introducing copper infused water into your daily routine will work like a charm in boosting your immunity. 

6). Slows down ageing process: 
  Next on the list of benefits of drinking from a copper cup, is slowing down the ageing process  that most of us dread. Have you been noticing fine lines and other early signs of ageing?   Drinking a copper charged water  can reduce these obvious signs. It’s packed with antioxidants and cell-forming properties and if used frequently, can help improve free radicals and the texture of your skin. The usage of copper water for slowing down   ageing can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where they utilized numerous copper based beautifying  agents and skin care products because of the antioxidants and cell regeneration.

7). Balances Your Thyroid Levels:

  The thyroid is an important   hormone gland that plays a major role in processes like metabolism, growth and development of the human body. Having a balanced amount of this mineral in your bloodstream can help in the development of estrogen and progesterone and equalize the thyroid. Copper defends your body against too much excretion of the thyroid gland into the   bloodstream. Along with its direct benefits, it also aids in balancing the calcium levels that help in the absorption of other minerals.

8). Boosts Your Immunity: 

  Copper has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help in decreasing free radicals which are harmful to the immune system. Drinking water from a copper cup routinely can boost your antioxidants which in turn boost your immune system. Copper also successfully eliminates harmful bacteria. As a result your immune system won’t have to work as hard to keep you healthy. It is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy white blood cell count, too. Many of these white blood cells are phagocytes which engulf and destroy microorganisms. Copper deficiency can lead  to a depressed immune system, reduce white cell count and increase chance of pneumonia.   However the intake of adequate copper alone is not good enough. Minerals present in the body,   working as a team and a balance of all vitamins, minerals and nutrients is important. 

Other Ways to Make Your Water Healthier

Lemon :
  Lemons are naturally loaded with Vitamin C. Adding 4 to 5 lemon slices to your water is a good way to go. Taking small sips from it everyday will keep unwanted viruses at bay and your immune system healthy. The acid present in lemon will ease up your stomach issues. Pair it up with the sweetener of your choice and some ice and you have a delicious lemonade, a great way to balance your electrolytes.

Cinnamon sticks :
  Cinnamon sticks have some   amazing anti inflammatory properties. If you have a headache or are dealing with an upset stomach, then the combination of hot water and cinnamon will ease your digestion. It breaks up any gas   that may have been causing you discomfort. It also cures nausea and warms you up on a cold   winter day! Healthy and delicious!

Cucumber in cold water 
  This just sounds like a refreshing summer detox drink. Cucumber water is an incredible source of Vitamin B. Did you know that a major cause for bad digestion or stomach upset is stress? Adding a couple of cucumber slices in your tumblr will add fiber and ease your upset stomach.   Cucumber in general should be eaten everyday for a healthier lifestyle. 

Mint Leaves :
Mint leaves are a must for every summer drink. It has that cooling effect which feels extremely refreshing. Along with a zingy taste, adding a couple of smashed mint leaves in your drinking water, will keep your stomach healthy. If you have been feeling bloated lately then try adding a couple of mint leaves to feel some magical changes.

Orange : 
The benefits of citrus do wonders and oranges are packed with them. Drinking water infused with orange slices gets rid of all your bodily toxins. It protects your   stomach from ulcers, lowers cholesterol and prevents the formation of kidney stones. It   also keeps your digestive tract clean. Don’t forget that your water will taste much better with a hint of orange in it!Do you drink out of a copper cup? Do you like it? We would love to hear it from you in the comments below!