Osteoporosis is Not a Calcium Deficiency

Osteoporosis is a severe loss of bone mass and density and bone is made from protein minerals and calcium as well. it's not just calcium. So many people have in their mind that if i have osteoporosis i need to start drinking a lot of milk, start taking calcium so they start taking like 500 milligrams of calcium carbonate every day. Expecting their osteoporosis to magically go away. well there's some very interesting data that talks about calcium supplementation not only helping you with osteoporosis or reducing their fractures from osteoporosis. but increasing the risk for heart attacks and even stroke.

Scientific study shows if you took 500 milligrams of calcium every day, it potentially could increase the risk of heart attacks by 30 percent and risk of getting a stroke by 20 percent. It also shows the routine use of calcium and vitamin-D did not reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures, but it did increase the risk of kidney stones.

The thing about calcium is that it's very very tightly regulated. So if you get too much calcium it becomes very very toxic for your body, it is very similar to too much iron or too much copper versus other minerals like magnesium or potassium you can get a lot of that and your body will get rid of it but not calcium. Too much calcium is very toxic to your cells and if you look at certain health conditions as people get older they're just filling up with toxic calcium.

Extra calcium that lodges in their arteries in the joints. 30% of the population in the US has calcification in the arteries and there's a really good test which is coronary artery calcification test, that's a very very good test to predict overall mortality of too much calcium.

There's one condition i want to make you aware of is milk alkali syndrome this is a condition where the person is consuming too much calcium and it could be from drinking too much milk or taking anantacid,
Side effects of Consuming too much Calcium
  - kidney failure,
  - death,
  - psychosis,
  - confusion,
  - dizziness,
  - poor appetite.

So what i recommend is you get your calcium from your food as much as possible and never take calcium carbonate. Because your body is a heck of a time absorbing that.

Osteoporosis is a severe loss of bone mass and density and bone is made from protein minerals and calcium as well. it's not just calcium so it's the whole package. Osteopenia is a lesser version of that and then osteomalacia is where the bones become soft and in a child it's called rickets. Rickets is a vitamin-D deficiency. what's even more important than calcium is your vitamin-D level is your stress level. Too much chronic stress or taking steroids i.e.
Prednisone - will destroy the bones.
Post menopausal- women who go through a lot of stress and go through a lot of menopause with adrenal stress, because now the adrenals have to back up the ovaries sometimes develop osteoporosis from a combination of higher levels of cortisol and lower levels of estrogen. So that can cause a loss of bone.

  If you have digestive issues like malabsorption can create a problem usually because you're not able to absorb vitamin-D and then you can't absorb calcium. Vitamin-D has a purpose of increasing calcium absorption by 20 times. So without vitamin-D you would have to consume 20 times the quantity of calcium that doesn't make sense.

Vitamin-K2 is another vitamin that is ignored. This is like vitally important vitamin-K2 has a huge purpose of making your bones very very strong and solid to keep the calcium in the bone, and keep it out of the arteries and the other soft tissues.

Important factors in dealing with Osteoporosis

The thing that's been proven is that regular exercise can greatly reduce the risk of osteoporosis. you want to keep your stress low make sure you get a lot of sun or you can take vitamin-D3 and vitamin-K2. Eat very healthy so you can get the minerals from the food. One good source of calcium is leafy greens another source is some high quality grass-fed organic cheese.

In this article i just wanted to increase your awareness, that osteoporosis is not just a calcium deficiency. It's much more than that and i don't recommend taking high doses of what they normally recommend calcium carbonate.