Always Use Zinc For diarrhea

 did you realise that over 5 lakh children under the age of 5 die of diarrhea every single year. This is coming from a zinc deficiency. So there's two main reasons why people are deficient in zinc.

First reason is they don't have enough in their diet.
  most of the zinc in the diet comes from animal products like meat organ, meats as well as shellfish and seafood. If you're not consuming those foods or you're a vegan you could be deficient in zinc.

Second reason why people and children are deficient in zinc is this they're consuming foods that are high in something called phytates or phytic acid which is in the fiber part of grains. phytates block the absorption of zinc and you're just creating a zinc deficiency.

Now our bodies need zinc for many many things but there are three main purposes of zinc in relationship to preventing diarrhea

1). zinc restores the mucosal barrier integrity of your intestines.    
   So if that gut barrier is broken down you have what's called translocation of bacteria into your body. When you don't have the barrier certain microbes can cross through this immune barrier and create all sorts of immune reactions, which then your body is going to defend that   with diarrhea.

2). Zinc intimately involved in the enzyme reactions within your   small intestine
  The lining of your small intestine actually makes enzymes and you need zinc to make those enzymes to help you digest. So if you're weak on the enzyme activity things don't get digested, thus the diarrhea.

3). Zinc is really needed for your antibodies to fight off  pathogens So that's not there your defenses for these pathogens go down and then you have immune reaction. so the bottom line is if you're  deficient in zinc your risk for diarrhea goes up and you have a lot of digestive issues so if you have chronic diarrhea whether you're a child or an   adult you need to be taking zinc.

There's some other things that you can take as well.
bentonite clay is another good remedy for diarrhea. kefir   unsweetened of course whole fat and blackberries blended together sometimes that can help as well   but if you're lactose intolerant that's not a good option you may be able to find some lactose free   kefir.

However zinc is probably one of the most important things to take if you have diarrhea. Now the other problem with diarrhea is that when you have diarrhea you lose your electrolytes and your trace minerals. So it's not just about taking zinc back into the body it's about taking   all the trace minerals and the electrolytes as well.