Warm water vs Cold water - Benefits

A popular advice for staying healthy is to drink lots of water. Becouse our body is contain 70% of water. While we spend most of our time trying to make our drinking water pure, we seem to neglect everything about water temperature.

  If you think that water temperature is not important, you could be wrong. Warm and Cold water do have their health benefits regarding staying healthy.

  However the question is when should we drink warm or cold water ? To explain this we will be discussing the most appropriate time for driving cold or warm water and the benefits.

The advantages of consuming warm water :

1) Enhance digestion
  Based on an old indian medicine, you were advised to take one glass of warm water in the early hours of the morning. It helps to activate your digestive system preventing indigestion. It equally stimulates the flow of blood to the intestine preventing against constipation.

2). Detoxification
  Are you aware that warm water can free your body from dangerous and harmful substances. It doesn't only reduce the body pitta but it also equally prevents against acne and some other skin disorders to grasp it's effectiveness. Squeeze out half a slice of lemon and put it into water drink it daily.

3) Reduces Nasal congestion
  Few people know that warm water can help people with throat or nasal congestion it functions like a normal expectorant by removing phlegm from the respiratory tract.

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The advantages of cold water:

1).  Reduce body temperature
  Consuming cold water as you excersize helps to prevent your body from getting overheated. This is because consuming cold water aids your body and maintaining a reduced body temperature for combating heat stroke.
Consuming cold water with in summer is of great significance to your health. When it's summer your body finds it easier to absorb cold water as such consuming one glass of cold water ease your body and reduces the possibility of having heat stroke.

2). Enhances weight loss
The principal behind weight loss is boosting your metabolism which causes more calories to be burne. Based on research consuming cold water or cold water both enhances your metabolism.

When are you to stay away from cold or warm water?

Although cold and warm water to have their benefits you are meant to observe some strict rules.
Do not drink warm water immediately after excersize or when you return home from a hot day that's because the temperature of your body is already high, consuming warm water may likely harm you.

  Don't consume cold water immediately after you finish eating, whenever you consume cold water your body requires extra energy and time to ensure proper digestion a slow down in digestion can equally result in indigestion.

Now you could optimize your state of health by simply knowing when to take warm or cold water.